Female Iq lucky numbers for 2021

Picking Lucky Numbers in 2021

(“Picking Lucky Numbers in 2021” audio version)

Female IQ hopes to motivate you to win big this year. Think of 4-6-10-14-64 as your lucky numbers for a healthy, happy 2021. Here’s the breakdown:

4: Workout at least four days a week. NOTE: The secret to working out — Do not let your fitness routine feel like a routine. Do a little research and see what apps (Ex: Peloton, Fight Camp, Asana Rebel) and gym/studio (Jiva Yoga Center, CycleBar, Orangetheory) classes interest you. The same day every week (Ex: Sunday) make a fitness schedule (and record it in your calendar) that mixes up shiitake with easy, moderate and intense workouts of varying modalities (Ex: yoga, cycling, weight lighting, etc).

6: Drink no more than six alcoholic beverages per week. NOTE: Measure out your alcoholic beverages. A “mom pour” of wine is often more than the allotted five ounces so be honest with yourself.

10: Meditate 10 minutes a day. NOTE: Don’t fall back on the excuse, “But, I don’t have 10 minutes to spare.” Everyone has 10 minutes a day to dedicate to a free and easy practice that reduces stress, anxiety and belly fat, improves sleep, memory and digestion, lengthens polymers (i.e. anti-aging), boosts mood, and can fight against chronic diseases and prevent other diseases. Get a mediation app (Ex: Peloton, Calm, Ten Percent Happier) and pick a reoccurring time (Ex: Upon waking).

14: Intermittent fast for at least 14 hours. NOTE: The trick is to have a set dinner and breakfast time (Ex: 6 p.m. dinner and 8 a.m. breakfast). You may even opt to extend your fast to 16 hours and squeeze in a workout before you eat.

64: Sixty-four ounces of water, or eight cups, is actually an antiquated water recommendation and you should drink even more but most people struggle to even get this number. NOTE: Have a glass of water upon waking and before and after each meal and you will check off seven glasses of water. Despite popular belief, tea and coffee, as well as certain foods like melon, romaine and eggs, also count toward your water goal so getting to eight plus glasses is easier than you may think. Furthermore, if you are hungry in between meals, you might just be thirsty, which can be satiated with a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon.

—Becca Edwards, founder of Female IQ

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