Female IQ's BitchFit program

Female IQ’s New BitchFit Program

(“Female IQ’s New BitchFit” audio version)

Have you reached your limit with feeling (check all that apply):


Girl, you’re not alone.

That’s why Female IQ is launching BitchFit — an all levels, comprehensive, wellness program that combines multiple fitness modalities like yoga, Pilates and Barre, as well as mood and brain boosting techniques like guided meditation and holistic nutrition, so you can eliminate all the shiitake in your life and start kicking asana.

Here’s how it works:


Female IQ’s BitchFit program focuses first on getting your head de-cluttered, clean and ready for “bitch business” (i.e. primed to move through anything getting in your way). You will learn how to practice Female IQ’s HI5=GAINS on a daily basis. This free, simple and effective mindful exercise begins upon waking and takes about one minute as you identify something you are grateful for, affirm something you appreciate about yourself, set your intention for the day, and commit to purposefully reaching out to someone and spreading kindness to either yourself or another person. Before going to sleep, you will again take about one minute to revisit your HI5=GAINS for the day and reflect on your accomplishments.


Female IQ’s BitchFit utilizes daily movement to remind you of your power. Workouts do not require anything more than a yoga mat, timer and willingness to love your body regardless of age, stage or energy level. You will learn specific BitchFit sequences that target all muscle groups, have both Level I (beginner) and Level II (advanced) options, and lengthen and strengthen simultaneously. Workouts range from 10-55 minutes and include a warm up, standing exercises, balance postures, core conditioning, seated exercises and a cool down.

Female IQ’s BitchFit will also guide you through an affordable and reasonable food plan that aims to decrease inflammation and increase energy, mental clarity and overall performance. This is not a diet. “F” diets. This is a holistic nutritional plan that looks at food as fuel and eases you into healthier, sustainable habits. Rather than being food-restrictive, BitchFit’s meal plan asks you to say “Yes!” to specific beneficial macronutrients like fat (Ex: avocado), carbs (Ex: sweet potato) and protein (Ex: smoked salmon).


Female IQ’s BitchFit wants you to live out loud. No more being afraid of your own voice or worrying about offending others. When you shed excuses, judgements, negative past experiences, future worries and relationships (with people or substances) that do not serve you, you can be clear about what you want and need, as well as feel both light and strong at the same time. BitchFit will teach you how to do this with doable and subtle techniques like savoring, as well as with wellness lifestyle hacks and insights.

Email Becca Edwards to get started today. We are offering a free introduction to the program that includes a 30 minute one-on-one virtual meeting to discuss your goals and how best to customize BitchFit to address your specific goals.

—Becca Edwards, founder of Female IQ

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