Female IQ Self-Care Challenge

From time to time, Female IQ thought it would be fun to challenge IQ’ers to easy challenges that provide little life tweaks that can have a big impact and hopefully be permanently integrated into your daily wellness routine. To kick off this new initiative, I thought it would good to start with self-care.

In yoga class you have probably heard the word “namaste”—a Sanskrit word that essenitally means the light in me sees and honors the light in you. The order of these words is important. We have to see our light before we can see others. In short, if we do not love or even like ourselves, we cannot love or even like others. This becomes problematic for a multitude of reasons that you can probably guess (social isolation and feelings of anxiety, depression, anger—just to name a few). It also creates a vicious cycle because negative energy begets negative energy (just as positive energy begets positive energy).

Self-care is an excellent way to honor your own light. From my busy clients, I often hear, “I just don’t have time.” To which I respond, “Yes, you do.” I have both in my practice and personally found that us moms sometimes (whether it’s intentional or subconscious) play the martyr. I know I am guilty of saying, “Oh, I couldn’t possibly go on that girls’ weekend trip. The kids need me.” (Meanwhile my husband then decides to go on a week-long hunting trip and I brew up a nice cup of resentment.)

The truth is we do have time and when it comes to domestic chores and child rearing we can let others take the lead. Inasmuch, we have to learn how to make time for ourselves and this only happens with repetition and practice.

So, having said this, Female IQ would like to challenge you to take 10 minutes each day for one week to practice self care. Ideas include (but not limited to):

  • Taking a bubble bath.
  • Walking in nature (maybe not with the dog so you can be completely unfettered).
  • Giving yourself a mini at-home pedicure.
  • Giving yourself a facial.
  • Meditating free of any pets, kids, phones, etc.
  • Doing a few rounds of Sun Salutation A.
  • Writing in your journal, writing down your daily intention and what you are grateful for, or practicing HI5=GAINS.
  • Calling an old friend.
  • Organizing that drawer that has been driving you crazy.
  • Styling your own hair, maybe in a new way.

—Becca Edwards, founder of Female IQ

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