National Women's Day shoes

Mother-Daughter Bonding

(“Mother-Daughter Bonding” audio version)

When I was finishing my master’s degree, a book about the modern teen, I had a two-year-old, a one-year-old and a baby on the way. During that time, I remember looking at my husband and saying, “We have made a big mistake. These little critters grow up and get all sorts of crazy. They’re like gremlins but with social media accounts.”

One vasectomy and a no-social-media-account-until-you’re-18-years-old policy later, we are now the parents of three lovely daughters ages 13, 12 and 10. We have somehow gone unscathed from tween/teenage angst or ire and we are enjoying the process of watching our daughters become young women.

Ransom, age 13, at a Collins Quarter at Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia.

And, as of late, I have started doing one-on-one trips with each of my daughters. Ransom (my oldest) and I recently did a day trip to Savannah, Georgia (for art galleries) followed by a short stay in Amelia Island, Florida (for poolside relaxation), Ruth Love (my middle daughter) and I ventured to the Arizona Inn in Tucson (founded by an Arizonian rock star named Isabella Greenway) and spent time with relatives, and Camellia (my youngest) and I are currently planning a trip to Miami to see her godmother.

Ruth Love, age 12, poolside basking in the sun at the Arizona Inn in Tucson.

Each excursion has reminded me how critical it is to spend quality, individualized time with each of our children without the din of siblings and/or our day-to-day obligations and routines.

Inasmuch, I also reaffirmed how important it is to give our children the freedom and space to be and express themselves because it enables us to recognize and appreciate our children for who they are fundamentally and to customize parenting strategies to specifically address our children’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lastly, notoriously a non-shopper, surprisingly I relished in taking my daughters shopping and seeing them come to life and radiate with confidence as they selected a funky find from a vintage shop or found just the right pair of jeans from a local boutique. (NOTE: The featured image of this post is Ransom wearing her first pair of high heels that we bought for her in honor of Nationals Women’s Day.)

It is my hope that the memories generated from these trips not only strengthen our mother-daughter bond but also influence my daughters to do the same with their children and, ultimately, continue Female IQ’s mission to empower women to express themselves, inspire others, and kick ass in life.

—Becca Edwards, founder of Female IQ

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